Ganesh Sittampalam (hsenag) wrote,

Vote buying

A pet bugbear of mine...

The UK does not have a secret ballot. If you want to prove to me that you have voted in a particular way, you just need to apply for a postal vote, and fill it in and post it with me watching. Since some time in the late 1990s or early 2000s anyone can get a postal vote on demand.

This is particularly bad because it can lead to coercion. There were some reports in the recent European elections of low-paid employees in some factory being told to bring their ballots in to work and fill them in there, on pain of losing their jobs. In days gone by when landlords could throw out tenants on a whim, it was routine for them to control the votes of their tenants - which is what led to the 1872 Reform Act.

This also leads me to wonder how much it would cost to buy an election. So...

[If you can't vote in the next general election for whatever reason, answer as if you can (and have at least some stake in the outcome of the vote).]

Poll #400238 How much is your vote worth?
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For how much would you sell your vote in the next UK general election?

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And no, the votes in this poll aren't secret either :-)


I know there are two 11p-20p options. Pick whichever one you like :-)

I am asking the question solely for purposes of research and this should not be treated as an attempt to buy your vote, nor will or should your answers be treated as an offer to sell your vote.
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